EPDM - Rubber roofing

EPDM stands for Ethylene- Propylene-dyne-monomer, which is a synthetic rubber membrane, made specifically for flat roofing. The characteristics of natural rubber (very good elasticity, expansion, good cold flexibility, tensile strength, poor heat resistance) cannot be adapted or manipulated, however with a synthetic product, scientists can select and adapt and modify the base products to determine the molecule structure, and this enables them to design the construction of the polymers. The end result means that the synthetic rubber can be made to measure, and with the characteristics precisely adapted to the specific use and its particular requirements.

These improved characteristics of EPDM synthetic rubber products include excellent stability against influences of weather, sunlight, ozone, acids and caustic solutions. EPDM roofing also has long lasting flexibility and elasticity to eliminate cracking and possess good tensile strength and a very broad temperature range. EPDM roofing has an outstanding resistance to ageing.

EPDM roofing has been successfully used across the globe, both residentially and commercially. It is fast becoming the most popular choice for flat roof solutions in the UK.